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Esthetic dentistry is the work of the whole team of stomatologists leading to the obtainment of the patient’s perfect smile, often called a “film star smile". At our Centre, we take care of our patients having not only healthy but also beautiful teeth. Modern dentistry provides us with the capability of correcting tooth appearance by changing the colour, shape and position as well as by esthetic restoration of missing teeth; for the more demanding patients – also making their smile more attractive with tooth jewellery.
  • tooth bleaching – enables to change the colour into a much brighter one. Effects are obtained after 2 – 3 visits already (in the case of bleaching at the office) or after approximately 7-10 days in the case of bleaching at home by the patient themself controlled by the doctor. These procedures enable obtainment of uniform colour of all teeth, conceal unaesthetic stains on patient’s teeth as well as bleaching teeth which have become darker due to conducted esculap canal therapy.
  • tooth shape correction – very helpful with patients who would like to have their teeth appearance change by having their shape corrected. In these cases, mainly regarding anterior segments, porcelain veneer is used, i.e. thin dental porcelain “petals” are adhered onto the tooth. In this way we can obtain both shape and colour change.
  • tooth position correction – part of dentistry provided by an orthodontist. Incorrect tooth position is very common in patients. Very frequently, not only does it disturb correct mastication but also smile aesthetics. Placement of an appliance gives the possibility of correcting teeth location. It also helps remove those frequent wide gaps between teeth. Orthopaedic procedures are carried out not only on children but also adults who care much more about their appearance than children.
  • tooth jewellery – various ornaments, most frequently made of gold (also white gold) or gems which patients wear on one of the visible teeth to make their smile more attractive. The jewellery is adhered to the tooth and can be removed anytime without causing any permanent damage.
Esthetic dentistry is also modern tooth filling and restoration of teeth lost by the patient. We provide our patients with inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, etc.
  • inlay – is a dental porcelain tooth feeling carried out at the prosthetic laboratory, which apart from exceptional durability is also aesthetic – the filling is deceptively similar to one’s own tooth.
  • onlay – used to restore significantly damaged live tooth when we want to avoid prosthetic crown in order to preserve as much of the tooth tissue as possible.
  • prosthetic crown – vividly speaking, it’s a cap covering the tooth when it’ been damaged too much to be reconstructed with classical methods. In numerous situations (mainly with respect to front teeth) traditional metal and porcelain crowns do not meet aesthetic requirements due to the strong colour of the metal breaking through the porcelain layer. This results in an unnatural appearance of the tooth. In such situations, we employ cosmetic crowns, i.e. crowns in which porcelain covers tooth-colour material (composite crowns) or full-ceramic crowns. In this way, we obtain natural teeth appearance, not to be differentiated from the patient’s own teeth.
  • prosthetic bridge – in a situation in which a patient has lost individual teeth – which disturbs both mastication and aesthetics – the missing teeth may be reconstruct on the patient’s own teeth, placing the reconstruction permanently, without the need to take it out (as it is with prostheses). It is a method much more functional and at the same time incomparably more aesthetic. Also, these can be produced based on aesthetic-looking materials, thanks to which they do not differ from other teeth in the appearance.
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Polecam Maria Łapott .Całe życie czekałam na taką stomatolog! Leczę się u niej od lat, oraz wszyscy znajomi, sąsiedzi, rodzina. Delikatna, miła, dobra, mamy wrażenie że to taki doktor Judym, interesuje ją tylko dobro pacjenta, gdyby mogła to by w ogóle nie brała kasy za usługi.
Marzena, 01.03.2017
Zawsze bałam się wizyt u stomatologów, bo w dzieciństwie wylądowałam u bezwzględnego sadysty. A potem trafiłam do pani doktor Miller! Zrozumiała mój strach :) Leczenie było profesjonalne i bezbolesne :) Jeden ząbek został uratowany przed kanałowym ♥ Już po pierwszej wizycie przychodziłam bez strachu :) Jestem studentką i póki co nie mam kokosów na koncie, ale cena w Geodent była przystępna nawet jak na to, co udało mi się zaoszczędzić :) Z czystym sumieniem polecam gabinet znajomym, którzy szukają dobrego, sprawdzonego stomatologa :) Dziękuję! ♥
Alicja, 21.02.2017
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